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Learn the crazy yet simple method to remove steps in your funnel but increase conversions & ultimately increase profit at the same time. We let the results talk…


Dan's skill set is much broader than his age implies, and his abilities with marketing, design, and copy are excellent. He supported sophisticated multi-channel digital campaigns & provided invaluable contributions to strategy.
Liam Maddock
Marketing VP
  • Use Metrics To Advance Your Ads
  • Set Up & Run Your First IVC Campaign
  • Irresistible Offer Creation Training
  • How to Scale Your Ads In Just 15 Days
  • Pre Sell Method - Waster No Time, Validate The Market Training



Irrisistable Offer Creation

Create such a compelling offer that your potential customers would feel stupid not buying right then and there!

200X More Leads, 51X Faster

The simple way to increase conversions all while doing it incredibly fast!


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No where within this do I, Dan Conover guarantee any results of any kind. This will depend solely on the person who acts upon this and the effort in which they put in. I stand by this product 100%, that being said you will not make money if you do not put the work in. These are simply the tools & strategies that can take your business where you want to go.